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integrative bodywork

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Reduce stress, pain, and inflammation while boosting circulation, lymphatic flow, and immune function!

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integrative bodywork

Integrative bodywork combines various techniques and modalities to address the individual needs of clients comprehensively.

therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage (traditional table massage) targets specific issues such as muscle tension, pain, injuries, or restricted range of motion.

mat based bodywork

Thai Bodywork combines compression, rhythmic percussion/movements, and stretching.  All sessions are fully-clothed on mat – wear comfortable clothing.

Therapeutic & HolistiC

Massage Therapy

benefits of Integrative bodywork

pain relief

Bodywork can alleviate muscle pain and soreness by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

immunity boost

Massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, potentially contributing to a healthier immune response.

think better

Bodywork can help reduce mental fatigue, increase alertness, and enhance cognitive function.


Massage therapy can elevate both your physical and mental wellbeing!


The mindfulness involved in receiving a massage can promote self-awareness and a deeper understanding of one's body.

boost performance

Massage can help increase flexibility by releasing tension in muscles and improving joint mobility.

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Che dabbled in random acts of corporate IT for nearly 2 decades before realizing she would rather fix what the keyboard did *to* you than the things you did with your keyboard...
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Our Values

Client-Centered: We believe you are the most powerful advocate in your pursuit of wellbeing. You Deserve To Be Heard!

Evidence-Based: We are committed to offering the most current, science-backed, and peer-reviewed treatment protocols.

Inclusive: At Agile Bodywork, we are committed to serving all with kindness, affirmation, and positivity.

Accessible: Located in the historic RVC Offices building, we offer free parking as well as barrier free facilities.